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Jim Carmichael


Jim's musical experience began at the age of six. As the nephew of one of America's leading sacred music composers,Jim's heritage and natural talent led him to a career writing and  arranging music.


With four albums under his belt,Jim is an excellent instructor and musical role model. Jim is a church organist, and serves as the director of our piano studio. Jim holds a Bachelor's in music education and  a Master's of Business Administration.


Jim Carmichael - Piano Teacher in Rockwall Texas

Piano Lessons in Fate



Has your child expressed interest in learning to play piano in the Fate Texas area?


If so, it is never a good idea to settle for the first music teacher you find. Instead you need to take the time to locate a professional teacher who understands what is required to teach piano to younger generations. This is why you should choose the services that we have to offer. Here, you will find experience, knowledge and expertise that will be passed on to your child.


Why Choose Jim Carmichael in for Fate Texas Piano Lessons?


Jim Carmichael has played in churches since the age of eight, written and arranged a number of different sacred music pieces and produced a total of four albums that feature young aspiring bands and vocalists. In addition to playing the piano, our teacher, Jim, also studied the organ and piano and received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. This degree was earned from the University of Tennessee in 1970.


What You can Expect from Piano Lessons


Our program is designed to emphasize the basic skills of becoming a musician for each student who enrolls. If you would like, we also offer individual and private lessons, which will concentrate on concepts such as technique, artistry and reading skills. The lesson times can vary from a period of 30 minutes up to 60 minutes depending on the needs of your particular child.


We are ready and willing to help your child earn a love for music and filter that into the piano. The results we have gotten are significant and speak for themselves.






Piano Lessons in Rockwall Texas



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