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Jim Carmichael


Jim's musical experience began at the age of six. As the nephew of one of America's leading sacred music composers,Jim's heritage and natural talent led him to a career writing and  arranging music.


With four albums under his belt,Jim is an excellent instructor and musical role model. Jim is a church organist, and serves as the director of our piano studio. Jim holds a Bachelor's in music education and  a Master's of Business Administration.


Jim Carmichael - Piano Teacher in Rockwall Texas

Piano Lessons in Garland



If you are looking for a piano teacher for your child in Garland Tx, look no further than Music Rockwall.


One of the best teachers in the area is Jim Carmichael. Jim helps your child discover his or her creative side. Music is all about tapping into a totally new you. Jim's extensive and rich musical background consists of playing sacred music for numerous churches, throughout the years.


Jim's Story Line


Jim's organ teacher was Mrs. Elma Rankin Beeson, of Johnson City, Tennessee. Jim was under her tutage for 12 years. In 1970, Jim received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music, from the University of Tennessee, located in Knoxville. Jim graduated from the school in Atlanta, Georgia, and he graduated from Emory University in 1982 with a Masters degree in Business Administration.


Jim's Career Path


With Jim's past experience as the President of Rockwall's Music Teachers Association, and of the Music Teachers National Association, he is the best choice to teach music to children of any age. Jim's current position is in the Music Theory Committee, and he is now Director of Music. For the past 30 years, Jim has been managing one of the largest studios in Garland Texas.


Your children will enjoy learning music, with Jim Carmichael. Jim has encouraged young aspiring vocalists and bands, and have helped them produce music on four albums. Jim's love for sacred music will reach your child's inner soul, and help your child to unleash new hidden talents, you did not know your child possessed.




Piano Lessons in Rockwall Texas



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