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Piano lessons for beginners

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Piano Lessons

Our program emphasizes the basic skills of literate musicianship appropriate for the age, level and ability of each student.


Individual private lessons concentrate on developing reading, artistry and technique.



Each program encompasses:


• A rigorous classical development

• Music theory training

• Ear training

• Elective musical directions

• Performance and competitive opportunities

• Music history

• Multicultural emphasis to music exploration


Piano Teaching in Rockwall Texas

Piano Lesson Times


• 30, 45 & 60 minutes in length

• 1 lesson per week



Music is a journey, it has its challenges and with them, achievements. We are dedicated to honoring those who have grown in their music with certificates that show just how far they've come with their talents.

Piano Teachers

Music Rockwall has always been and continues to be the most innovative in the city.  Music Rockwall graduates have gone on to music schools all over the United States.

Jim Carmichael - Piano Teacher in Rockwall Texas



Music Rockwall is your premier source for learning piano, music, and the performing arts.  We are committed to always pushing our students to reach their full potential when learning and playing.  Contact us today and see what Music Rockwall can do for you!