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Piano Programs in Rockwall

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The Master Musician Program


Launched in 2002, the Master Musician program provides an opportunity for driven and organized students to complete a list of tasks, some demanding, some not, all designed to test the students organizational as well as intellectual and pianistic abilities.


Completion of the program gives a student his name on the Masters Cup Trophy which remains at the studio. The student personally receives his own engraved replica of the large cup to take home.




Student Honors Recognition


Music is a journey, it has its challenges and with them, achievements. Music Rockwall is dedicated to honoring those who have grown in their music with certificates that show just how far they've come with their talents; this is done in front of other students and parents at a reception.


Helping students feel comfortable with their music and build confidence is what has been driving Music Rockwall for over 30 years and will continue to do so.




Music Recitals with Parents in Mind


At Music Rockwall we focus on parents being a part of their child’s musical achievements. At our recitals parents can see their child’s talents in front of an audience. This helps the student to develop confidence, and control of their musical abilities.


Since communication is encouraged between our teachers and parents, we make sure that there is always time after performances that is allotted for visitation. This creates a sense of community between our staff and student families.


Enriching the lives of students through the creativity of music.

Music Teachers Association in Texas


Music Rockwall has always been and continues to be the most innovative in the city.  Music Rockwall graduates have gone on to music schools all over the United States.


Our piano music school Rockwall TX graduates are expected to be fluent music readers.  To read well opens all music to be playable so our students can find their own unique style..

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Music Rockwall is your premier source for learning piano, music, and the performing arts.  We are committed to always pushing our students to reach their full potential when learning and playing.  Contact us today and see what Music Rockwall can do for you!