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Diane Montgomery - Piano Teacher in Rockwall Texas

Diane Montgomery


Diane started her musical education at age 9.  Since that time, she's studied classical, contemporary and Christian music.


An acclaimed educator, Diane has consistently honed her craft through education, talent and dedication.


Diane is a church pianist and organist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.


Piano Lessons in Rockwall - (South side of I-30)



Have an expert teach your child piano:


A pianist since the age of 9, Diane Montgomery has been studying and playing the piano for over 35 years. Diane currently teaches music in Rockwall Texas, South if I-30, and has been a partner in Music Rockwall for over 30 years. Diane has experience providing individual private lessons to concentrate on developing your child’s reading, artistry, and technique.


Diane’s specialty is nurturing and motivating the talent in each student by offering a program which will foster a love and appreciation of music for a lifetime.


Provide your child with the benefits of music:


Studies show that children who grow up with music education have quicker development of language skills as well as an increased IQ. Children who grow up playing instruments also have increased spatial intelligence than children who don’t, making them stronger with subjects such as math, engineering, art, and working with computers. On average, children with music education score between 20-22% higher in English and Math. Music education will help your child learn life skills as well, including discipline, learning a talent, and managing performance.


Why Music Rockwall?


At Music Rockwall, we are committed to teaching your child the basic skills of literate musicianship for their age, level and ability. Located in Rockwall Texas, we offer lessons from 30, 45, and 60 minutes monthly and biannually.


Some of the programs offered at Music Rockwell include: music theory training, ear training and examination, music history, multicultural music exploration, performance and competitive opportunities, and a rigorous classical development.







Piano Lessons in Rockwall Texas



Music Rockwall is your premier source for learning piano, music, and the performing arts.  We are committed to always pushing our students to reach their full potential when learning and playing.  Contact us today and see what Music Rockwall can do for you!